Knowledge for the curious rider

My Mission

Hi, I am Jen and I am so excited that you have decided to join me at Good Old Horse! 

When I retired my horse in 2016, I switched from spending time in the saddle to spending time around the barn. Caring for an aging horse has taught me more about soundness, medications, and commitment than I ever thought possible. 

In order to give my guy the best care, I am on a mission to learn all I can about horses’ health and to organize that information in a complete and concise manner. I am also finding more ways to connect with the horse community than solely riding.

I created Good Old Horse to create a horse community and share my knowledge journey, in hopes it can help you too.

My Good Old Horse

Indigo, or Indy for short, is quite the character. He will let you hang all over him and absolutely LOVES attention, but do not stand in his way when he spots green grass. He’s now 21 and retired, but in his day was the cutest jumper (and an impressive bucker). 

Indy has taught me a LOT in the 16 years I have owned him and he continues to bring a smile to my face every day.

My Riding Background

During my childhood, I rode and took lessons at barns where the primary discipline was eventing. At the age of 15, I got connected with a trainer who introduced me to Pony Club, and I participated in clinics and ratings. After establishing a foundation and competing a bit, I transitioned to riding for fun. I focus on improving my position and becoming as quiet of a rider as possible.