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How to Wash Horse Blankets at Home

A materials list and step by step guide to washing your horse’s blanket at home. GOH did all the research so you don’t need to!

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Stables

Horse Barn Screening, New Stables Questions
All the essential questions you need to ask the owner or manager when evaluating a new barn for boarding.

What to Inspect When Touring a Stables

One page summary of questions to ask yourself when touring a potential barn. Easy to print and keep in your car!

Ways to Let Natural Light Into a Barn

This visual guide will show you examples of design features to add to your barn to let natural light in.

Jen & Indigo

Horse owner & educator

Hi, I am so excited to have you join me at Good Old Horse! When I retired my horse (Indigo) in 2016, I switched from spending time in the saddle to spending time around the barn. Caring for an aging horse has taught me more about soundness, commitment, and care than I ever thought possible. I am definitely the owner and he is the educator! At Good Old Horse, I am sharing what I have learned from owning Indigo for the past 16 years.


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